Why volunteer at Sok Sabay?

Volunteering is a great idea!

Commit yourself, make yourself useful to others and put your skills to good use: whether you are a student, retired, working or other, you are welcome to join the association. 

Students in the Sok Sabay shelter, Phonm Penh

Being a volunteer is a very rewarding experience that will enhance your personal and professional career. During your volunteer experience, you will develop your skills and know-how.

Help children. Becoming a volunteer in Sok Sabay means supporting the cause of children in situations of abuse, exploitation and neglect. Your involvement will allow children to open up to others and you will give them the chance for a better future. 

Being a volunteer

Being a volunteer means giving your time to a cause that is dear to us, that of children in situations of abuse, exploitation and neglect for the Sok Sabay association. Being a volunteer means supporting the cause that is dear to us by getting involved with an organization such as an association or a foundation.

Donna, volunteer at Sok Sabay, 2002

This experience is unique and will allow you to discover the daily life of these people who have devoted themselves to a cause.
It is a way of developing skills, of feeling useful in a different way, but above all, it is a way of discovering oneself and the world around us.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping those who need it most. 

What will you do?

As a volunteer, you actively participate in the children’s openmindedness, their development, the association’s development and its influence. 
Being a human-sized association, you will live the daily life of the children with them and you will be able to do many different things like activities with the children or put to good use your skills for the association: help with first aid, make communication tools, search for funds or partners, teach English or do specialized courses such as architecture, IT or management


To volunteer at Sok Sabay, you need to have the following:

  • 21 years of age or more at the moment of signing the volunteer’s contract
  • available for 21 days (3 weeks) or more at Sok Sabay’s shelter in Phnom Penh
  • of sound mental and physical health
  • private insurance during the tenure at Sok Sabay
  • private funding of your expenses, accommodation and travel during your work in Sok Sabay
  • personal and professional/school references. These will be checked!