Scholarships for Akha students

SOK SABAY Laos was launched in 2014. This project provides scholarships to Akha minorities students of Laos with the opportunity to attend school from Grade 6 through tertiary.

Sok Sabay Laos has already provided scholarships to 46 Akha students. These girls would otherwise be deprived of their post-Grade 5 education, but are now allowed to pursue their love for learning because they were awarded scholarships. The type of education they receive spans basic secondary school education to specialization in education, nursing and medical school training. The scholarships serve to empower young women from underprivileged backgrounds and expands their capacity for decision-making at the community and provincial levels.

This scholarship program addresses several social issues in the northern part of Laos, such as :

  • Since 2010 , the Akha parents allow their girls to study ;
  • School drop-out rates are still high for Akha female students due to early pregnancy, family poor conditions and family pressure
  • Long distances between villages and school, coupled with weak transport systems creates a problem of inaccessibility.

The project goals include :

  • Provides ongoing education for Akha minority girls from grade 5 to grade 12 and then to university or vocational trainee schools ;
  • Offers quality education for Akha minority girls in safe, well-monitored learning environments ;
  • Decreases school drop-out rate among Akha minority girls ;
  • Improves attendance rate in schools among Akha minority girls ;
  • Reduces the gender inequally gap in educational opportunities ;
  • Secures a better future for Akha minority girls in this geographic area.

Your participation will provide Akha girls with not just an education but greater opportunities for themselves and their communities…

For $30 USD a month, you can provide a scholarship for one Akha girl student. One scholarship covers 7 years of post-primary studies. Your financial support is highly appreciated to provide a basic education to Akha minority girls.

So, your donation will serve for all the Akha girls students. Thank you !