2020 : 25th Birthday of Sok Sabay Cambodia


Portraits of Sok Sabay chronicles 33 profile of Cambodians who were taken into the shelter of Sok Sabay, an NGO set up in Cambodia by French nurse Marie Cammal, since they were very young. Through the lens of World Press Photo winning photographer Stefen Chow, and with thoughtful and considered design direction by Jonathan Yuen “Roots”.

The book captures the stories of ‘aftermath’ for these individuals since leaving the shelter, and offers a look into where their lives are today, carefully treading the fine line between telling their stories modestly and sincerely without overtly falls into celebratory tone.

We are thankfull for the ongoing support of François et Judy de Moulliac.

Testimony of long-term support success for the youth of Cambodia. Secondly, it’s a awareness of positive success.

International Awards

The Tokyo TDC International typography & Design

D & AD Awards /Wood Pencil / Book Design / Culture, Art & Design Books / 2019-2020