one day in Sok Sabay 


Children get up early in the morning to have breakfast and shower. Then they’ll clean their plates and clean their room. Some of the children go to school in the morning while the others stay at the shelter to do their homework until 10am. 

They will then eat their first snack and have free time until the first group returns from school: board games, outdoor games, reading… Some children help our cook prepare lunch during this free time.


All the kids are setting the table and going to lunch together! 

This is a very important time when the children help each other and get together for lunch. They learn respect and courtesy by serving the youngest girls first and the older boys last. As soon as they are finished, they will clear their plates and prepare for the rest of the day.


The children who stayed in Sok Sabay in the morning pick up their backpacks and leave for school just after lunch while the others stay at the shelter and rest until 2pm. When they wake up they will do their homework until around 4pm. They will then take a small snack and enjoy their free time until the other children arrive, with various activities. Children shower after school and before yoga.


Just before eating, the children practice half an hour of yoga every day, to relax and concentrate. At the end of yoga, the children will eat their evening meal in the same organization as lunch. At the end of the meal, the children clear their plates and some, such as the smallest, go to bed while others have evening classes before bedtime.