« I feel like each child is a hero who has survived to a drastic situation. »

Marie Cammal

How it all started ?

« After 5 years in the refugee camps at the Thai-Khmer border in the 1980s, I was in front of an emergency case. As a woman, I had witnessed scenes of unimaginable devastation and suffering. I had to act against poverty and the remnants of war. That’s why I decided to work in Cambodia. 

Between my humanitarian missions, I returned to France to work as a nurse in hospitals and clinics. By bicycle, I was looking for humanitarian sponsorships from pharmaceutical companies. 

It is with the help of the groups Sanofi and Beaufour Ipsen International, and with my personal resources, that Sok Sabay could have been founded. 

It is a long and constant struggle to ensure the most elementary human rights to children whose childhood has been ignored. These children are heroes because they have survived tragic situations. Their resilience allows them to overcome tragedies. Sok Sabay’s goal is to help them to overcome their suffering.  » Marie Cammal, Founder and Regional Director of Sok Sabay